Saturday, March 26, 2011

Need Clan Members

Dapplestar smiled. "We need clan members, feel free to join say what rank you would like to be and we will put you in"

Medicine Cat's Den

If you got hurt. Come to the medicine cat's den

Elder's Den

The elder's sleep in here

Warrior's Den

The warriors sleep in here

Apprentice's Den

The apprentices sleep in here

Hunting Patrol

All hunting patrols report here.


Queens and their kits spend lots of time in the nursery.

Dapplestar's Den

Talk to her privately

Welcome to Mistclan

Dapplestar smiles warmly.
   "Welcome to Mistclan, I am the leader Dapplestar feel free to join. We need apprentices, kits, queens, warriors, a medicine cat, and a deputy. So please join our clan!"  she called happily her tortiseshell fur shining under the bright sunlight.